Our Story

Late in 2007, the UMC decided that the Kyle/Buda area was the perfect place to offer a new church. Not only was the area rapidly growing but many of the new residents were young families. They decided to appoint the Reverend Kyle Toomire to begin this new venture.

At this time, Kyle was on staff at First United Methodist Church. He had been there for over a decade and served in a variety of positions, most currently as assistant pastor. His wife, Rachael, was the Assistant Director of the Texas Wesley Foundation and, Elias, their son, was a very new addition to the family. More recently, they have been blessed by the addition of a second son, Micah.

Kyle and Rachael were excited to have the opportunity to start a new church. In fact, this had been Kyle’s desire for a long time.

Starting slowly at first, The Journey began offering evening services once a month at The Painted Horse Pavilion. Soon, they were able to offer services every Sunday. Before long, they made the difficult decision to change their service time to the morning hours. Since then, the church has been growing by leaps and bounds.

At the start of 2008, the church started offering more and more opportunities for spiritual growth. At the end of January, a new life group for young couples started meeting. In February, The Journey hosted a Women’s Valentine’s Day Brunch that was attended by more than 100 women from the area. In March, children enjoyed a Noah’s Ark carnival complete with games and a petting zoo. May was a huge month! First, the Journey Men’s Group enjoyed their kick-off breakfast. A few weeks later, families relaxed, rested, and played together during Family Sabbath at Twin Oaks Ranch in Buda. At the end of the month, The Bridge held their first official activity; they tubed down the Guadalupe River and munched down on some great tacos! In June, the new Life Group, R.A.C.E. had their first weekly meeting.

Since that time, The Journey has been constantly growing and expanding, providing opportunities for people to grow closer to God, to each other, and to their families. Our prayer is that we nurture a church where supporting and being supported by your faith community is vital – a place where real people with real issues can find real solutions through real relationships.

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