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December 2015 Adventure Crew News

Pancakes & Pajamas 2015

December is a time of wonder and waiting; a time of prayer and preparation.  It is easy to get drawn in to the commercialism and chaos that the world draws us into.  We know that often children and babies come with noise and activity and that they also come with quiet moments and contentment.  Let's work together to teach our children the holiness of this season and give them the gifts of HOPE, LOVE, JOY, & PEACE that is offered through the gift of God's own Son.  Be sure to read the Adventure Crew News 12-2015 as it contains important information about our special movie matinee on Dec. 6th and Pancakes & Pajamas on Dec. 20th plus it has 2 different Advent calendars that you can choose to follow at home with your families and share with your friends & neighbors.

November 2015 Adventure Crew News

10,000 reasons graphic

November Adventure Crew News

November is a month where we are reminded to connect with our friends & family and to give thanks for all that God provides.  I will be sharing some of what the Adventure Crew gives thanks for each day on both Twitter & Facebook as a part of our #10KReasons4Thanks.  We would love for you and your family to follow along and share as well either with pics or words.  You can access the calendar and follow the Twitter feed at: Also be sure to help your child fill out their “I am blessed by…” calendar each day that is included in this month's Adventure Crew News 11-2015.  This is a simple way for them to live life out of a place of gratitude!  We also hope you find new ways to connect with other families at The Journey like small group ministries such as our monthly Family Read-Along on the first Sunday of each month as we all are striving to grow in our faith and FULLY follow after Christ!

October 2015 Adventure Crew News

here is the church

Have you been outside lately in the morning to enjoy those beautiful sunrises and breathe in that cooler morning air?  It is nice to be out and experience the beauty of God's creation.    Just a reminder that God is good, all the time in all places. 

This month continues our journey to providing a firm faith foundation for children & families.  We are beginning a 7 week Bible Explorer class for 3rd-5th graders and a Family Read-Along through the Narnia series for the school year plus we are offering a Faith Foundations class for adults and high schoolers who are new to the church, never been through confirmation, or are looking for a faith renewal.  We are continuing to offer G.A.ME time at 10am on Sunday mornings which is a great way for your children to get to know and experience Scripture in multiple ways.  We have opportunities for families of ALL ages to be in and serving the community through Be the Church on October 11, riding on our float for the Kyle Founder's Parade on Oct. 17, and walking the Buddy Walk with the Up with Jackson team on October 18. 

Specifically for Be the Church, in addition to our work teams, we are collecting non-perishable food items that will either be used in bags to bless the homeless or gifted to the Food Pantry.  For Manna Bags, we are collecting: instant oatmeal packets, ready to eat meat pouches (tuna or chicken), ramen noodles, applesauce or fruit cups/ pouches, raisins, single serve tea bags or instant coffee, granola bars, sandwich cracker packets, ready to eat shelf stable soup or meals, gallon zip top bags, hand warmers, and wet wipe packets.  For Hygiene bags, we are collecting: travel size toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, & toothpaste), disposable razors, feminine hygiene items, adult tube socks, and quart size zip top bags.  For the the Food Pantry, we are collecting: canned veggies (not carrots), mac n cheese, cereal, peanut butter, Ramen, dried beans, pasta (not macaroni).

Read or Print it here: Adventure Crew News 10-2015.  Take time to intentionally LOVE GOD & LOVE OTHERS each day!

September 2015 Adventure Crew News

September always marks a new year with school starting.  At The Journey, we have entered a new space at a new time for this new school year!  With that, we have new beginnings and new options for children in addition to our familiar faces.  Our Sunday mornings begin at 10am with the Sunday School hour.  We have options for infants, children, youth, and adults.  Here are our options for children:

* Nursery for ages 0-3 years: Children will be cared for by professional caregivers who will share the foundation of loving God and loving others through play, song, books, and more.

* G.A.ME time (God & Me time) for PreK - 5th grade: This time is a fun, interactive, creative way for children to explore & learn faith stories. We will have a new Scripture Story every two weeks. During those two weeks, children will interact with the story in 4 different ways (2 ways each week): Hear & See, Make & Create, Act It Out, and Play a Game.

* Jesse Tree- This is inter-generational offering for children & adults.  Participants will learn about the genealogy of Jesus as they discuss short Scripture readings and create family keepsake ornaments weekly.  This offering will conclude at Christmas.  Next semester this offering will be Godly Play.

We will continue to offer a Children's Message and other family amenities during the 11am worship that will allow you to choose the best way for your child and family to worship.  We are also looking forward to offering a Bible Basics 6 week workshop this fall for our 3rd-5th graders that will conclude with each child that participates receiving his/her own Bible.  We are looking for people to sponsor or give towards the children's Bibles. 

Please contact if you have any questions about any of the new options/ changes, have new ideas,  would like to be a children's bible sponsor, or would like to serve on the Children's team in some way. 

May 2015 Adventure Crew News

rsz_mothers-day-8x10-pictureSo much to say about the month of May!  We are excited about Family Game night on May 1st and then Mother’s Day on May 10th where we honor the women who care for and love us.  Most of all this month we are preparing for summer!  You can help get ready by registering for Journey Off the Map Vacation Bible School and CREATE! Camp and inviting your friends!!  We are even offering a special discount for Session 1 in May that is $20 off the original price and you can still get other discounts like refer-a-friend, sibling, and multi-session.  Be sure to read this month’s edition of Adventure Crew News and check out the upcoming June dates, because we have lots of fun planned right as school gets out for SUMMER!

Adventure Crew News 5-2015

April 2015- Adventure Crew News



April 2015- Adventure Crew News

April is brimming with new life!  The first Sunday this month will be Easter- our celebration of Jesus' resurrection!  We have lots going on for children & families right now from all of our activity around Holy Week and Easter to preparing for summer by registering for Journey Off the Map Vacation Bible School and CREATE! Camp.  April will be a Family Movie Night for 1st Friday Fun Nights and May will be a Family Game Night!  Be sure to read this month's edition of Adventure Crew News as it focuses being a new creation in Christ! 

Adventure Crew News 4-2015


March 2015- Adventure Crew News

lionlambcloud March is known to be the month in like a lion and out like a lamb weather-wise.  When I think about that, it reminds me of Jesus since he is known as both the lion of Judah and the lamb of God.  Jesus is both strong & powerful and gentle & vulnerable. I hope you are using this season of Lent to get to know and spend time with Jesus through prayer, reading, or helping others.  I also hope you are using the Daily Change Lenten Giving Calendar I gave you last month.  I know my coin bank is getting very heavy.  I am excited to bring it on Easter Sunday to see how much we were able to collect together to give to God.  This month’s edition of Adventure Crew News will tell you a little bit more about Lent and give you ways you can try to help you get to know Jesus from morning to night.  It also gives info about 1st Friday Fun Nights which are back and will show you who is getting the EVO movie ticket from our February Praise & Play drawing.  I was able to add some Giggles & Wiggles this month.  Share a joke with me this month and maybe I will feature your joke in the April edition of Adventure Crew News!

Adventure Crew News 3-2015

February 2015 Adventure Crew News


What are you going to GIVE for Lent February is a month where we take one day to celebrate love.  As a Christian, I choose  to celebrate love every day.  We are called to LOVE GOD & LOVE OTHERS each and every day of the year not just on a special day.  February 18 is the beginning of a special season in the church called Lent.  This month’s edition of Adventure Crew News will tell you a little bit about Lent and give you ways you can LOVE GOD & LOVE OTHERS during the season of Lent.  It also tells about a few changes in our Children’s Check-in.

Adventure Crew News 2-2015

Lent 2015 Family & Children’s Devotional

January 2015 Adventure Crew News

January 2015 Adventure Crew News

New Year 2015Happy 2015! This month is filled with new beginnings! We are excited to launch Praise & Play on Jan. 11th at 9:15am! This will take the place of what has been the Sunday School hour. This will be a great opportunity for you to invite friends to come and join you at church in a fun way and get to know other families with children while you are watching your children as they play in the Hoppin’ House. We will have a nursery staff member there each Sunday to help supervise and to make sure that each person/family that is there has checked in and has the appropriate Hoppin’ House waiver on file. I will also have a Children’s team member there to do Bible-based activities with children. Please take time as a family this month to read through and do this month’s edition of Adventure Crew News which also includes instructions for a fun craft to make.  Adventure Crew News 1-2015

December 2014 Adventure Crew News

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and it feels a little like it tonight as I have had to break out my footie pjs with our recent chilly weather. I can’t wait for you all to see the church on Sunday. It is simply beautiful with our first Christmas tree up and decorated. We officially welcomed the season of Advent this past Sunday with the lighting of our first candle of hope. As we are preparing our hearts and homes for the coming Christ child, we are already preparing for Pancakes & Pajamas and our Christmas Eve Candlelight services. Please take time as a family this month to read through and do this month’s edition of Adventure Crew News which also includes a Advent Family Devotional Calendar:  Adventure Crew News 12-2014