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Next Steps on the Journey

Next Steps on the Journey


Interested in learning more?  

Please join us at our next Journey 101 Meeting on Sunday, May 7th immediately following worship.  This is a time where Pastor Kyle and a few Partners share briefly about our church and then answer any questions for people who might be looking for ways to connect.  We will gather together for some great food, an informal time of sharing and connecting, and then hear about next steps.

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Or ready to Join the Journey?

Please join us at our next Journey 201/Partnering Party on Friday, May 5th at 6:30pm at the Toomire’s home. Pastor Kyle will share the vision of where we are headed and how our partners play a vital role in helping us to become the church God has called us to be.  We will discuss expectations of the partnership and ways that YOU can help guide us where we are going.  If you are interested in joining or just finding out more, please join us . . . the only expectations will be that you have a good time and ask any questions that you have.

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FORGIVE – a new series

FORGIVE – a new series

Let It Go

Covenant Bible Study

Covenant Bible Study



Rev. Kyle Toomire, Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m.   Registration is $25 for each session; The church can order your manual for $20 or you may puchase a digital version for iPads and Android Devices for $10.  (This is the manual for Session One ONLY)

Covenant is an in-depth group Bible Study that centers around our relationships with God, with each other, and with the world.  It differs from other Bible studies in that it emphasizes the biblical concept of Covenant—the enduring commitment between God and people—as a unifying pattern throughout the entire Bible. It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses with us as God's people.  The 24-week study covers the whole Bible by moving between the Old and New Testaments—discussing books from each in a way that shows the interconnectedness of scripture as a whole.  Each week's episode includes a thought-provoking 20-minute video conversation between biblical experts that stimulates further discussion and reflection among the group members.

Orientation Session on Wednesday, August 27 at 7:00pm at the church.
Our first class of the first session will be Wednesday, September 3 at 6:30pm at the church.

The entire course is 24 weeks, but each session is broken down into 8-weeks of classes.  This registration is ONLY for Session one.

Childcare will be available for a one time fee of $25.00.  (This fee will be assessed every 8-week session - so if you attend all three sessions, each family that uses childcare will be asked to contribute a total of $75 for childcare for the 24 weeks)

Please do not let a financial situation keep you from participating in this study.  If you need a scholarship, please email Pastor Kyle here.

To register, please follow this link:

Commitment and Time Involved

Covenant Bible Study gives us another opportunity to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Scripture and it will enable us to grow much deeper in our relationships with one another and our God.  It is quite an investment of time and energy, but with great investment comes even greater rewards.  A participant reads 2 to 4 chapters from the Bible each day (five days a week).  The participant also reflects on the reading in the participant guide. Most participants would finish the daily reading or any journaling in 30 to 40 minutes.  The classes will meet weekly for 2 hour meetings.

If you are interested in joining this exciting new class, please follow this link to register:



Living Stones – Worship Series for Season of Lent

Living Stones – Worship Series for Season of Lent





Here’s a synopsis of the stories and the key verses from each:

Week 1: Sacred Pillar

After Jacob got up early in the morning, he took the stone that he had put near his head, set it up as a sacred pillar, and poured oil on the top of it.

Genesis 28:18

Week 2: Covenant Stone

Remember—don’t ever forget!—how you made the Lord your God furious in the wilderness. From the very first day you stepped out of Egypt until you arrived at this place, you have been rebels against the Lord. 29 But these are your people! Your own possession! The people you brought out by your great power and by your outstretched arm!

Deut. 9:7 & 29

Week 3: 12 Stones

This happened so that all the earth’s peoples might know that the Lord’s power is great and that you may always revere the Lord your God.”

Joshua 4:22

Week 4: Foundation Stone

Therefore, the Lord God says: Look! I’m laying in Zion a stone,
a tested stone, a valuable cornerstone,
a sure foundation:
the one who trusts won’t tremble.

Isaiah 28:16

Week 5: Stones to Food

The tempter came to him and said, “Since you are God’s Son, command these stones to become bread.”

Matthew 4:3

Week 6 (Palm Sunday) : Stones Cry Out

He answered, “I tell you, if they were silent, the stones would shout.”

Luke 19:40

Week 7 (Easter Sunday): Empty Tomb

Look, there was a great earthquake, for an angel from the Lord came down from heaven. Coming to the stone, he rolled it away and sat on it.

Matthew 28:2