March 2015- Adventure Crew News

lionlambcloud March is known to be the month in like a lion and out like a lamb weather-wise.  When I think about that, it reminds me of Jesus since he is known as both the lion of Judah and the lamb of God.  Jesus is both strong & powerful and gentle & vulnerable. I hope you are using this season of Lent to get to know and spend time with Jesus through prayer, reading, or helping others.  I also hope you are using the Daily Change Lenten Giving Calendar I gave you last month.  I know my coin bank is getting very heavy.  I am excited to bring it on Easter Sunday to see how much we were able to collect together to give to God.  This month’s edition of Adventure Crew News will tell you a little bit more about Lent and give you ways you can try to help you get to know Jesus from morning to night.  It also gives info about 1st Friday Fun Nights which are back and will show you who is getting the EVO movie ticket from our February Praise & Play drawing.  I was able to add some Giggles & Wiggles this month.  Share a joke with me this month and maybe I will feature your joke in the April edition of Adventure Crew News!

Adventure Crew News 3-2015