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We are a United Methodist Church. We believe that our faith is one that will naturally appeal to the people who have chosen to make this area their home. The both/and characteristics of the United Methodist tradition deliver a unique and valuable message that can reach people in ways that other traditions cannot. In the UMC, there is a union of the evangelical and social gospel, a union of both the heart and the intellect, and a union of both tradition and an emphasis on cultural relevance.

Along with following the basic tenants of the UMC, our vision can be summarized by the following acronym: ROUTE.

At the Journey we will REACH out to others through Radical Hospitality. We will continue hosting community events throughout our area to help spread the word and invite others to join us along this Christian journey.

At The Journey, we will OFFER ourselves to God through Transformational and Passionate Worship. We believe that our whole existence is built for worship. We all worship something – whether it be a new car or success or something else – our souls long for worship. Our prayer at The Journey is that more often than not, our worship will be directed towards God.

At The Journey, we hope to UNCOVER a sacred pathway to God through Intentional Faith Development. We realize that people have their own ways of growing closer to God; we will continually offer studies that will enable people to discover new methods, or to enrich comfortable routines, that help them grow closer to God.

At The Journey, we will take the Good News to others through Risk-TAKING missions and service. Some of the ways we accomplish this is through helping with the Brown Santa program, adopting a family for Christmas, etc.

At The Journey, we will EXTEND ourselves through Extravagant Generosity. Our goal is that everyone will take steps towards extending him or herself further through extravagant generosity. It is our goal and expectation that every participant will give of their time, talent, and resources. At the same time, we pledge that we will be good stewards of all gifts.

In the end, we seek to be a place where you come as you are and you feel accepted just as you are. At the same time, we seek to be a place where none of us leave the same as when we came in.

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