We realize that finding a home church can be a long process. After all, you want to find a place that feels just right. We asked a few of our members to share their story about discovering The Journey. Here, you’ll find a variety of testimonials from people who call The Journey their church home.

Nick Thacker

Nick Thacker has played music at many churches and his enthusiasm and talent would make him a welcome member anywhere. Why The Journey?

“From the onset, Journey was more than a job for me; it is a release and a privilege to share in worship in such a special place with these people.” I haven’t felt at home in any church while living in San Marcos, but The Journey is a good fit for me.

I’ve made friends whom I see everyday outside of church, and many families whose kindness and hunger for friendship are inspiring. Fellowship is an easy word to toss around, and an easy characteristic to feign; The Journey UMC is very real, very alive, and very engaging.

The second reason (though not any less important!) for my choosing JUMC is that Pastor Kyle consistently delivers a thoughtful and meaningful sermon week after week. For many small (and not-so-small) churches I’ve attended that are either non- or inter- denominational and/or lean on the contemporary side, this hasn’t been the case. Sometimes the Message can get confused with a pastor’s own message. Kyle not only delivers the Word from a historically accurate standpoint but also from an extremely solid foundation biblically. To me this point is crucial; it helps me remain true to why I attend church – for me it is easy to be enthralled by a church’s production and feel. At The Journey, I enjoy the music and feel while being spiritually fed as well.

Jeff & Trish Cremers

We started attending The Journey before it even started! We became friends with the Toomires while he was a pastor in Austin; Kyle even married us in Florida. Jeff and I were part of a small group that met together to make plans for starting a new church, what eventually became The Journey.

Initially, we were drawn to The Journey because each and every person who became part of this church genuinely wanted to build a community, connect to God, and serve others. Now that the church is up and running, we are amazed by the wonderful, giving people that have joined the congregation.

As newlyweds, the worship services and small group settings have provided opportunities for conversations about our faith as individuals and as a couple. Before getting married, we talked about our faith but, living it side-by-side, in a church start-up setting, gave us the ability to connect to each other and God in new ways.

One of the coolest things about The Journey is that it’s still forming it’s identity and the traditions it will carry through the years. Jeff and I still have a voice; YOU have a voice. If you have an idea, before you know it, you’ll be starting a group in charge of that very idea. Whether it’s flipping burgers, hosting a table for a Valentine’s Brunch, setting up for worship, or making cookies, there are many opportunities for giving to others. At The Journey, it’s obvious that God is moving in mighty ways!

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