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We know how difficult it can be to find a church family. We have tried to answer the questions that we think will help clarify things for you. If you have a question that we do not address on this site, please feel free to contact Pastor Kyle Toomire at or by phone at 512-796-5703.


What are the requirements to join The Journey UMC?

You can fully participate in all almost all aspects of The Journey without becoming a member and “membership” or “partnership” is not the goal or objective of our church. We seek to meet people where they are and lead them on the journey to fully follow Christ. In order to achieve this, we DO NEED people who are willing to partner with us. Each September we celebrate the anniversary of our first worship together and at that time those who would like to become partners can do so. There are also several more times throughout the year where people are invited to partner.  There are two main requirements:

1. You need to have been baptized by a Christian Church during your lifetime. If you have not been baptized, we can do that at The Journey. If you have already been baptized, we do not ‘re-baptize’ you.

2. You will need to plan to attend a Partnering Party where you will learn more of the expectations that we have of our partners.  This is also a great chance for you to learn more about The Journey and what you can expect from us.  In order to partner, we ask that you have a desire to support The Journey. We are only as strong as our partners and we ask that you give what you can in these areas.

  • Prayers
  • Your presence
  • Monetary gifts
  • Volunteering your time to serve
  • Telling others about your journey to follow Christ

What are The Journey’s beliefs about Baptism?

There are two important covenants that occur during baptism. First is the covenant between God and the individual. You are promising (or are promising for your child) that you belong to God. Second, it is a covenant between the Church and the individual. The Church (as a universal body) agrees to support the individual in their spiritual growth.

Keeping this in mind, some members of the Church need to be present at the baptism, regardless of when and where the baptism takes place.

How do I get baptized? How can I have my child baptized?

To become (or have your child) baptized you need to attend one preparatory session with Pastor Kyle. Then you will need to schedule a time for the baptism to take place during a worship service.

What are The Journey’s beliefs about Communion?

The UMC believes that sharing communion is one of the primary ways that God imparts His grace to us. We have communion each and every week. Everyone, regardless of age or belief, is welcome to take part in this sacrament. The communion we share is not The Journey’s communion, or even the UMC’s communion, it belongs to all of God’s people.

We believe that communion is a holy mystery. While we do not believe that the bread and wine are the actual body and blood of Christ, we do not believe that it is simply bread and wine either. Although it’s hard to explain (hence the mystery aspect), we believe that the bread and wine we receive at communion is sacred. We believe that it falls somewhere between being the actual body and blood of Christ and it being simply bread and wine.

Even if you have never stepped foot in a church, you are welcome to join us in receiving communion.

Does Pastor Kyle Perform marriages?

Absolutely. Just make sure you contact him at least 2 months in advance of your wedding date. The couple and Pastor Kyle will meet a minimum of 3 times for discussions about communication styles, commitments, and love languages. Pastor Kyle uses the course “Saving Your Marriage” by Dr.’s Les and Leslie Parrott for these sessions.

What is Pastor Kyle’s Training?

After graduating from The University of Texas with a degree in Psychology, he attended the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. In 2005 he graduated with a Master’s of Divinity degree. For the last decade, Kyle has been taking classes and training to serve as a lead pastor. Before starting The Journey, Pastor Kyle worked at the 1st United Methodist Church of Austin in various positions for 10 years.

In June of 2009, Kyle received his ordination as an Elder in Full Connection with the Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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