Sunday School


Sunday School begins at 10:00am and all are welcome!

Adult Bible Study

The Goal:  To conform to the image and nature of Christ.  To integrate that nature in all things work, life and relationships.


All participants are encouraged to read a particular section of Scripture and be prepared to share about the following:


The One Thing:
In your reading this week what was…

the one thing that encouraged you? How does it encourage you?

the one thing that inspired you? How does it inspire you?

the one thing that convicted you of sin? How does it convict you?

the one thing that God revealed to you about His nature this week?

the one thing that you read or God revealed to you this week about about His nature that you can apply to your life?  Explain

In view of what we have read and experienced this week, what changes do you think God would want you to make in attitude, words, or actions within sport work, life and relationships?

We meet at 310 San Antonio St., Buda, TX. - on the Buda UMC Campus.
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